Christian Trieloff

Trash Detective // Fiction

In the small Swabian town of Matringen, Uwe is well known. Being a tinker, misfit and drunkard, nobody believes a single word of his - even when he claims to have witnessed a mysterious crime. In search for the truth he more and more encounters the dark secrets contrary to the small towns idyll.

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Everything is wrong. Everything is OK // Clips // Music Clip

There´s something out there in the woods. The hunt begins!

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TEATRO AMAZONAS // Documentary

In the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, a cultural reflection of the living conditions of the population cannot form without the question of political and social responsibility. The longing of Brazilians for liberation from any dictate is more relevant than ever.

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% // Clips

Be whatever you want to be! Just do it!

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The author David travels to the Greek island, Tinos, in order to write his new book. He hopes to find inspiration in the seclusion of a rented beach house in the off-season. Together with his wife Nina he moves in when in the first night mysterious Margarita enters their life. She is everything David’s wife is not, and it is what he misses in his life. The three grow together, even erotically. All of a sudden, Margarita disappears, and the young married couple is not innocent in her disappearance...

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HomeSick // Fiction

Ambitious cello student Jessica receives the invitation to an international contest. A great opportunity - but at the same time enormous pressure. Stress begins to gnaw on Jessica's everyday life and soon reality and imagination blur.

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Stay or go? Four young people from Ostvorpommern, Northern Germany, on the way to their future torn between attachment to home and longing for a larger world.

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Revolutionary Greetings // Documentary

In 1987, Frankfurt librarian Elisabeth Zilz moved to Nicaragua to help the drive towards literacy. With her Bertolt Brecht book bus, she drove untiringly through the poorest parts of the country to teach people in the villages and prisons to read. The German's rolling library became a success story and the film shows the people for whom Elizabeth Zilz was on the road and whose lives were changed forever. This portrait of the work of Elisabeth Zilz shows impressively how books as a basis for education can make a contribution to overcoming social misery.

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