Christian Trieloff


Stay or go? Four young people from Ostvorpommern, Northern Germany, on the way to their future torn between attachment to home and longing for a larger world.

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In the Teatro Amazonas in Manaus, a cultural reflection of the living conditions of the population cannot form without the question of political and social responsibility. The longing of Brazilians for liberation from any dictate is more relevant than ever.

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Portrait of renowned East-German photographer Roger Melis.

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In the war for the future of the Internet, an analogue man is playing a major role. Former Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón is coordinating the international legal teams working worldwide to defend WikiLeaks founder and editor-in chief Julian Assange.

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Revolutionary Greetings

In 1987, Frankfurt librarian Elisabeth Zilz moved to Nicaragua to help the drive towards literacy. With her Bertolt Brecht book bus, she drove untiringly through the poorest parts of the country to teach people in the villages and prisons to read. The German's rolling library became a success story and the film shows the people for whom Elizabeth Zilz was on the road and whose lives were changed forever. This portrait of the work of Elisabeth Zilz shows impressively how books as a basis for education can make a contribution to overcoming social misery.

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The Future is Ours

The story of two widowed seniors who found a second love at the age of 70 and 68. On New Year’s Eve they confessed their love to each other – Hanne and Peter are newly in love. Now they want to move in together as soon as possible due to their advanced age, since they are aware that they don’t have much time left. Both did not expect this late love and would like to enjoy the new feeling, but a new love also means dealing with new challenges.

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Born in East Germany

Born in East Germany, raised in the reunited country: the young generation from the former socialist part of Germany. They know the division of their homeland only from stories and history. But do they still feel differences? After 22 years – how far have we gone the path of reunification in Germany?

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Democracy 2.0

Democracy 2.0: Chance or threat for the political system? Numerous ways of communication through digital networks could break dowdy structures of our political system and encourage the so called politically apathetic society to a new political participation. But is the decision-making process and the forming of the political will with means of the web 2.0 really democratic?

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